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Kuala Lumpur Paintball Adventure & Team Bonding Tour (Light & Easy) Malaysia Tour Packages Day Trip
Duration: Day Trip (4 hours) Board Type: Meals as Stated ( 0B/ 0L/ 0D) Travel Package Code: S60
Location: Selangor

Transportation: Seat-in-Coach (SIC) Category: Adventure & Sport
Departs: 08:00am


Hotel No Flight No Validity: 01/01/2017 - 31/12/2018

Package Price Per Person

Price RM USD






Minimum 6 persons to go

Accommodation Location Room Type Duration Rating


KL Paintball Adventure & Team Bonding Tour (Light & Easy) Malaysia Day Trip



Kuala Lumpur Paintball is fast becoming one of the most popular games around.It has become an alternative past time from the usual athletic games beingplayed; and it has become one of the most exciting outdoor sports in the world.

Anybody can play paintball, regardless of race, sex,age and social status. It is a game for people who have taste for competitionand adventure.
Unlike stressful Tournament play, there are really no losers in this game. Nomatter who wins the scenario, both the victors and the vanquished will go homesatisfied. Furthermore, participants will have the chance to explore part ofour 700 acres of Virgin Jungles.
Conducted against the backdrop of nature’s scenic environment, this gameguarantees our participants a high degree of physical and emotionalsatisfaction that will leave a long-lasting impact on one’s sense of personalachievement and interpersonal bonding within the group!

This Package Includes:


§ ReturnTransfer (KL – Paintball Venue – KL)

§ MarkerSet, Face Masks, 500 Pellets

§ 1Bottle of Water

§ EntranceFees

§ FieldCharges

§ Tour& Transfer as per itinerary


This Package excludes:


§ Tips todriver / guide

§ PersonalExpenses / Insurance

§ AdditionalPaintball Pellets

§ BodyVest / Armour / Jumpsuit




§ Outdooractivities are subject to weather conditions and may be reorganised to bestmeet operational situations

§ Kindlybring along Extra Towel, Personal Toiletries, Mosquito Repellent, ChocolateBar, Energy Bars

§ 3 WeeksAdvance Booking is required for the above package

§ Theabove price / package is only applicable for Weekdays (Mon – Thu)

§ WeekendSurcharge (Friday, Sat, Sunday), additional of RM 50 Per Person to the listedprice

§ Allparticipants are encouraged to wear army gear (celoreng). Sports shoe is aMust!

§ Theabove package is suitable for Team Building, Family Day, Corporate War Games,Group Recreation, Student Group

§ Trainingwill be provided for Beginners

§ Trainingand Briefing will be conducted so that players can handle playing gears, adoptrules & regulations , code of conduct before commencement of the game

§ Thegroup will split into 2 teams (depending on the type of game to be played). Allof them will play at the same time


FAQ: Is it Safe?

Paintball requires observance of proper safety procedure. When safety rules are followed, paintball is extremely safe, with an injury rate of only 0.2 injuries per 1,000 exposures

All players must wear a protective goggle system or MASK at all times. Although paintballs will not cause permanent injury to most of our body parts, they are vulnerable to serious injury especially being hit by a paintball. Paintball masks are specifically designed for this sport.  This rule is strictly enforced in all the fields. Should a  player violates this rule, he or she will be slapped by a warning before being sent away. If a player’s mask falls off during a game, he or she must immediately lie face down on the ground and cover his/her head. Any player who sees this should alert game officials and other players. The game has to be stopped until the player is able to replace their goggles.

In addition to the mandatory use of masks, paintball markers must not fire paintballs that exceed a certain velocity. The standard maximum velocity is 300 feet per second (about 200 miles per hour)

Paintball is a competitive game which requires challenging, high-stakes version of tag, hide-and-seek, or capture the flag. This game also requires specific equipment (goggles, a gun/marker, pressurized gas, and paintballs. It can be played indoors or outdoors, with as few as 6 people or as many as 100; the game may last for 30 minutes to 5 hours


Day 01 (-/-/-)


Pick up from KL City / Hotel. Transfer to Paintball Venue.


Arrival and Registration




Paintball Session Starts


Game Over


Transfer back to KL

Please note that accommodation and itinerary are subject to change without prior notice. Terms & Conditions